Welcome to Melody of Light Psychology where our mission is to help you release your fears by gaining insight to your “self.”

 Do you feel that nobody understands you?

 Do you feel that you fall just short of your own expectation?

 PaintingIs your perception disregarded?

 Are you anxious about your future?

 Are you searching for an answer to “Why does this always happen to me?”

There are always hindrances in life but if you learn to stabilize “the self” then you remain stable, as your surroundings constantly fluctuate.

It is simple, when you were born you had a clean slate and then you picked up behaviors and characters from your family and friends in what I call the buffet of life.  You use these behaviors and characters as tools of communication. Depending on where you grew up and how you grew up, your tools may be the very obstacle you need to adjust.

Every person has the potential to be truly happy and that is your divine human right. Allow me to help you finally achieve inner peace.